Positive Start Puppy Classes

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Tiffany Firebaugh, RVT announces Positive Start Puppy Classes, beginning July 2019 right here in Loudonville! Each series will focus on socialization of your puppy, education on curbing unwanted behaviors, as well as laying groundwork for good manners and desirable behaviors. Byland Animal Hospital has graciously offered to host these classes in their spacious lobby.

Two separate classes will work with different age groups: 8 week to 16 week old puppies, and 16 week to 9 month old puppies. This allows younger puppies to participate during their most impressionable age, yet still provides a safe learning environment.

It is important that all puppies learn to accept and be comfortable with a variety of people, places, sights, sounds and smells for them to go on to live low stress, happy lives. Tiffany will provide techniques for owners to continue the socialization and training journey at home.

Classes are scheduled as follows: 8-16 week old puppy classes are on Monday nights, older puppies up to 9 months are hosted on Thursday nights. Each course includes 5 classes. The 2019 start dates are listed below. All classes are from 6:30-7:30 pm. 

Monday class Thursday class

July     15th 18th

Aug     26th 22nd

Oct      7th  10th

Nov     18th 21st

Investment: $100 total for 5 classes. See the enrollment form for more information on payment types and submission. 

PLEASE NOTE! The first class in each series is WITHOUT your puppy, it is an educational session for human family members only. Weeks 2 through 5, your puppy will accompany you to class. 

Each class block is independent of the next, and a puppy will be scheduled for an entire block of classes. At this time, we are unfortunately unable to accept puppies for “drop-in” classes, as class size is limited to 5 puppies to ensure a valuable learning experience. Cancellation and no-show policies are available on the informational sheet below.

Click on the two blue links below to obtain the downloadable enrollment and registration forms. Puppy owners are responsible for providing veterinary records of health and vaccination PRIOR to the first class of each session.

Contact TiffanyRVTpuppyclass@gmail.com with questions and to register.

Enrollment Form

Health Check Form